Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity:
Theory, Methods and Applications
in honor of Tassos Bountis on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Thessaloniki, Greece 12 - 16 July 2010

Organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Patras


The Proceedings of the Conference will be published in a
special issue of the International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos

Extended deadline for manuscript submission:
31 December 2010

Conference photos

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The scope of this conference is to gather world-leading experts, as well as young scientists, in order to present current developments and discuss future perspectives on Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems.

The conference’s themes cover a variety of topics including theoretical aspects, numerical techniques, and applications to many diverse disciplines like mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and social sciences.

Contributed talks and posters are invited from all areas of dynamics and complex systems science, including amongst others:

  • Dynamical Systems: Analytical and Numerical Methods
  • Nonlinear Hamiltonian Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  • Nonlinear Waves, Discrete Breathers
  • Chaos and Complexity in biological and physiological systems
  • Celestial Mechanics and Stellar Dynamics
  • Synchronization and Chaos Control
  • Soft Matter and Granular Materials
  • Electrical Circuits

The conference will act as a catalyst for research in nonlinear dynamics and its applications, providing a venue for established scholars to interact with each other, and with the junior scholars that play an essential role in the development  of science now and in the years to come. The conference is organized by the University of Thessaloniki and the University of Patras and is dedicated to Prof. Tassos Bountis, on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Scientific Program Committee and Main Speakers

Axenides M. (Athens)
Bezerianos A. (Patras)
Casati G. (Como)
Chua L. (Berkeley)
Contopoulos G. (Athens)
Dvorak R. (Vienna)
Flach S. (Dresden)
Fokas A. (Cambridge, Athens)
Grebogi C. (Aberdeen)
Hadjidemetriou J. (Thessaloniki)
Hizanidis K. (Athens)
MacKay R. S. (Warwick)
Nicolis G. (Brussels)
Papageorgiou V. (Patras)
Pnevmatikos S. (Patras)
Politi A. (Florence)
Provata A. (Athens)
Robnik M. (Maribor)
Rothos V. M. (Thessaloniki)
Skokos Ch. (Dresden)
Tsallis C. (Rio de Janeiro)
Tsironis G. (Heraklion)
Varvoglis Ch. (Thessaloniki)
Vivaldi F. (London)
Vlahos L. (Thessaloniki)
Vrahatis M. N. (Patras)

Invited Speakers

Aifantis E. C. (Thessaloniki)
Aubry S. (Paris)
Baesens C. (Warwick)
Basios V. (Brussels)
Chandre C. (Marseille)
Gilbert T. (Brussels)
Kuipers J. (Regensburg)
Leach P. (Nicosia)
Mendonca J. T. (Lisbon)
Mosekilde E. (Lyngby)
Papaphilippou Y. (Geneva)
Patsis P. (Athens)
Ram A. (Cambridge, USA)
Rotter S. (Vienna)
Turchetti G. (Bologna)
van der Weele J. (Patras)